Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer

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Sun Dec 31 14:10:52 CST 2006

Brent Hilpert wrote:

> Richard wrote:
>>In article <458726D7.17136.1434D6AA at>,
>>    "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at>  writes:
>>>But, given that the original uses RTL and core, what's the point of
>>>building one in LSTTL?
>>Is it even possible to build with RTL parts anymore?
> Well I have a dozen or so, maybe if everybody tosses in a few.. :)
> There are some pages on the mentioned site giving the specs for the/an IC type
> the AGC was based on. It's not really said directly, but it kind of implies
> that there was only one type of IC used in the AGC: an RTL dual 3-input NOR in
> a 10-pin flat-pak.
> Let's see... invert the logic to make use of NANDs, an earlier poster
> mentioned 40 tubes of 24 5400's, that's 40*24*4=3840 2-in NANDs... I always
> kind of liked the idea of making an entire processor out of just one basic
> gate/IC type.

I guess one tube would make a bit slice logic block.
While I have been thinking of that and the 3840 sockets have been kind of
holding me back! I have been thinking of 3 gate types. 3-input open collector
nands, 1 input nand ( inverter ) and 2 input nand open collector buffers.

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