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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Dec 31 14:54:51 CST 2006

At 1:12 PM -0600 12/31/06, Michael B. Brutman wrote:
>I run 100Mbps for the more modern machines, all one a switch, and I 
>daisy chain an old hub (100 or 10, can't remember) for the slower 
>machines that only do 10Mbps.

I do similar, I have a 16-Port 100Base-T switch, that has most things 
plugged into it, then I have a 8-Port hub with a 10Base2 connection 
that lets me hook up a tiny thinnet segment (I only need it for my 
DECserver 90L+ and Amiga 3000).  In the near future I'll likely add a 
small 1000Base-T switch, especially if I can ever find a 1000Base-T 
card for my VMS Box, or SunBlade 1000.  I wish I could find some dirt 
cheap 1000Mbit Fibre to Copper media converters, Fibre 1000Mbit NIC's 
are semi-cheap.

>Even with 5Mbps cable modem, my slowest connection inside is still 
>faster that my connection to the outside world.

You obviously don't have any really old systems on your network.  I'm 
still at 1.5Mbps, and have systems on my network that can't keep up 
with that.


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