ISA bus throughput

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Feb 1 19:17:00 CST 2006

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> I think a lot of very serviceable older hardware goes into the landfill
> because of performance issues that aren't necessarily related to preocessor
> speed.  Often, just increasing the memory and adding a faster (ATA6)  hard
> disk controller can make a huge difference on older Pentium I and II
> machines.  And it's these older machines that still have a few ISA slots
> for older peripherals.  I've just finished setting up a 200 MHz PII box
> this way with Win98, RH9 and Win2K.  Performance for most mundame
> programmer-type tasks is very adequate.

Seconded.  Most Pentium Pro and later machines will take 256MB of RAM, 
which greatly increases what they can run (although faster I/O helps too).
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