OT - Need fuse and jumpers from APC battery pack

Simon Fryer fryers at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 08:00:16 CST 2006


On 2/2/06, Paul Braun <nerdware at ctgonline.org> wrote:

> Someone donated a Smart-UPS 1000 to our theatre.

I have one of these - great units.


> And I accidentally
> cracked the fuse while trying to extricate everything. I know I can get
> the fuse at the parts store, but I don't think I'm going to have much
> luck finding someone at APC to send me one jumper...

Sorry for my density here, but,
a) is the fuse carrier damaged?
b) is the spade connector on the end of the lead damaged?
c) is the cable damaged?

My interpretation is a) but please correct me.

I haven't had a chance to have a look at my SmartUPS 1000 but from
what I remember when I changed the batteries, the spade lugs and wire
are all pretty much standard items. The fuse carrier could be a little
more difficult to source but it didn't strike me as being something
that could be unobtainable.

I would have thought that making an equivalent jumper would not have
posed any great difficulty.

I have just tried to check the fuse carrier in a 700 model but this
one does not seem to have the same fuse arrangement.


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