IBM RS/6000

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Feb 2 13:02:36 CST 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> When the RS/6000-370 on my desk was replaced with a IBM PC running Linux 
> I tried it, but didn't have any luck.  I'll have to see if I can get it 
> working on my new systems.  There are at least two of us that are 
> wanting to use them (though I think I'm the only person that's hung onto 
> their keyboard, the other person is looking for one).

   Huh.  I've had RS/6000s that wouldn't play nice with a PeeCee 
keyboard, but I've never seen an RS/6000 keyboard that didn't work on a 

> You have it working on your G5!?!?  Of course I'm still running my Apple 
> Extended II Keyboard via a USB-ADB converter :^)

   Yep, with a no-name USB-to-dual-PS/2 adapter.

   That Apple Extended II Keyboard thing always tickles me - I hate 'em 
with a passion, but I completely understand why people pay $50-75 for 
the old IBM clickety keyboards.  It must be a "where you came from" thing.

   So, the iMate works on a G5?  Somebody asked me that recently.  He's 
sticking with a DP G4 because he heard his iMate wasn't supported on the 
Big Gray Box.


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