Old Computer Collecting vs Electronics Building

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Feb 2 16:20:00 CST 2006

On 2/2/2006 at 5:08 PM Teo Zenios wrote:

>the last thing a parent wants their kids to do these days is be a
>coder, engineer, or electronics repairman because of the low pay and
>offshoring. We are turning into a nation of MBAs, burger flippers,
>salespeople, and paper shufflers.

OT:  I picked up the current issues of DDJ, Electronic Design and EETimes
this morning out of the mail.  The DDJ ran to a grand total of 56
pages--it's so thin that there's no spine on the binding--it's just stapled
together.  ED isn't much better and EET was thinner than my Sunday
newspaper magazine supplement. (P.S.  Bob Pease rambled on about crampons).

Signs of the times?  Is the computer business in the US running out of


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