werner busch wernerbusch at t-online.de
Sat Feb 4 05:28:09 CST 2006

Dear Sirs,

we need Your help for analyzing a the software of a control unit.
We are a German Company and the unit is not longer supported by developer.
( company is down).

Target is to analyze some parts of the software and make some little changes.
( change 2 parameters dirct in software).

The cpu on control unit is a NEC V25 / V25+ (80186 derivate, 84-pin PLCC ), software is on  eeprom 512 KByte.

We want to trace  the running program, analyze some parts, see registers etc.

Is this possible with one of your systems ?

Please tell us what we need to reach our target  and what are the price for the system we need.

Kind Regards

Werner Busch

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