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> I'm sure I've mentioned before about the 1541 test and alignment disk we 
> used to have in a workshop I used to work at...
> Basically it had tracks written starting too far out and progressively 
> moving in until they were too far in.  They were, I believe, written 
> with "worst case" patterns, and possibly a bit "quiet".  The first few 
> tracks on the disk were written fairly hot so that even if the head was 
> a bit out, it would still boot.

I've seen something like this. The Epyx Vorpal Toolkit disk used a similar
method of software auto-alignment which worked surprisingly effectively.
I wrote a tool called Torquemada 1541 that could do this with "normal"
disks (assuming the disk was written in God's Holy Pristinely Aligned 1541),
but it was relatively blind without the special formatting Vorpal -- and
the package you mention -- included, so it wasn't nearly as effective on as
wide a range of alignment problems.

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