Affects of moisture (or lack thereof) on components (was: Powering up sleeping uVAX II)

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at
Mon Feb 6 13:30:28 CST 2006

> Does anything bad happen to electronics that are stored in very dry
> conditions for long periods of time?  Cities like this would be anything
> in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho (Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix,
> Boise, Reno, etc.).

In places that are hot and have lots of pollution/ozone (e.g. Los Angeles)
foams and rubber and plastics can become brittle and crumble/fall apart
much more readily than other places. Sunlight combined with heat and ozone
is particularly brutal.

Of the places you name, Phoenix is the one I know of that has some pollution/ozone
issues but in my limitied time there (springtime, with temps in the 90's) the pollution
didn't seem so awful.


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