pro-350 dumpster dive

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Feb 7 18:03:28 CST 2006

> At 11:08 AM 2/5/2006, joseph c lang wrote:
> >I've been hanging around the dumpster again....
> >I salvaged some DEC pro-350 parts. 
> I've got to ask - what sort of dumpster has Pro 350 parts in it?

When I was at university (both undergrad and grad student), I had 
permission to 'skip dive' (same thing as dumpster diving, I guess). Among 
the things I recovered were : 

An HP2100A minicomputer with 7900 disk (that was in poor condtiion as it 
landed on the front panel) and paper tape reader

A couple of Facit 4070 punches

A complete set of boards for a Versatec V80 printer/plotter

The test boards for the BBC micro

An AR88-LF (off-topic, but still a nice find for free)

An HP9831 

Many more PCBs, machines, bits that I've forgotten...


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