DIBOL (was: What's CIS for? (was RE: Original 11/74 front panel))

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Feb 10 15:39:56 CST 2006

In article <200602102104.k1AL4jY6017614 at mwave.heeltoe.com>,
    Brad Parker <brad at heeltoe.com>  writes:

> I thought DIBOL used it also.

Wow, someone mentioned DIBOL :-).

My 11/03 came with a DIBOL manual and apparently there are some .DBL
files sprinkled around the disk packs (I haven't inventoried them
completely yet).

I hadn't heard of DIBOL until I got this system, probably because we
didn't have it for our 11/70 and I never cared for COBOL anyway :-).
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