Anybody have devices using RGB LEDs?

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> Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > Just as a backgrounder, there's a company called Color Kinetics that
> > owns the patent for mixing R, G, and B light from LED's. I was
> They musty have been trying it on. There's surely no way they
> can do anything to stop you discussing how to avoid their patent.
> Nothing to stop them trying to scare you off though.
> Antonio

When we're referring to RGB LED, we meant red, green AND BLUE dies
in one package and accessible interdependent of each other to get 
full rainbow color range. from green, blue, red all the way to white.

Not bi-color LEDs with 3 leads.  These have 2 LED dies in one package 
and when both lit, it is not white.

White LEDs is kind of a cheat.  No "true white die LED" yet.  White 
LEDs is done two ways by 3 dies lit up in correct ratios to get white 
or using blue LED die smothered with white phosphors.  That is reason 
you usually see low grade white LED glowing purplish to bluish tinted 
even "urine-tinted".  UGH.

For this reason luxeon bin their high wattage white LEDs by grades 
all the way from bluish, ice cold white to nice soothing warm-white.

Quantum dots will come up eventually for white emission by solid 
state like LED are.  This recently discovered last year.

Cheers, Wizard 

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