5160 motherboard slot restrictions?

Steve Thatcher melamy at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 11 12:51:16 CST 2006

the timing was different for use with the expansion chassis adapter 
card. Probably to account for the associated delays times with extra 
buffers that would have been required for the cable connect between 
the two boxes.

best regards, Steve Thatcher

At 01:48 PM 2/11/2006, you wrote:
>On 2/11/2006 at 2:24 AM Jim Leonard wrote:
> >I can only conclude that:
> >
> >1. The IDE board is slightly awry
> >2. The right-most ISA slot is slightly awry
> >3. There is some technical limitation I'm not aware of
> >
> >#1 and #2 are easy to accept, but not #3.  Is there such a limitation?
>Yes.  The 8th card slot on the XT is "different" in its timings.  Mostly
>meant for certain specific cards; I've got a bunch of old documentation for
>add-in cards that say they won't work in that slot.  Offhand, I can't
>recall which cards work there, but a guess might be a memory expansion

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