Orlando Hamfest

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Sun Feb 12 10:12:43 CST 2006

  I just returned from two days at the Orlando Hamfest. The hamfest was
HUGE this year but I really didn't find much of interest. I think that's
largely becuase I've gotten so good at scrounging up stuff that I already
have better stuff than they have for sale at the hamfest. There was very
little PC stuff there and only saw three classic MOL computers. A guy there
had three Amigos with the video toasters that he was trying desperately to
sell. I think he finally gave up and just left them there when he left. I
tried to call a couple of CC Listers that I though might be interested in
them but never got an answer and I didn't want them so I left them behind.  

   I did pick up up an HP-42S, HP-49G with manuals, an operator's manual
for the Xerox 820 and a couple of options (A68 and A09) for the HP 1611
Logic Analyzer. The options are pretty neat. They are complete packages and
appear to have never been used. One option (A68) is for the 6800 and
related CPUs and the other (A09) is for the 6809 and related CPUs. Each
includes the Operators and Service manual plus two boards that install in
the 1611, a pod that plugs into the CPU socket of the target system and a
panel that mounts on the front of the 1611 to the right of the CRT*. These
allow the 1611 to monitor and control all of the control and data lines for
that CPU as well as decode the data back into the mneunonics for that CPU.
I also got a GOOD deal on a New Hermes Engravograph (pantograph) with
several sets of brass type patterns.

  * You can see what the panel for a 6809 looks like on this picture of a
HP-1611 for sale on E-bay. 	 Item number: 3820281013


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