eBay Item Not Won: Video Data Systems RDT-2000 Remote Terminal (8761840334)

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Sun Feb 12 12:28:30 CST 2006

Yikes, this was even crazier, although I suppose the rarity was what
caused it.

Closed at $354.

That's more than I paid for the PDP-11/03, dual RL01s, 23 RL01 packs,
full set of manuals, LA-120 and VT-100, including gasoline for the drive
out and back (1100 miles).

I couldn't dig up anything on the net about this terminal.  Has anyone
on the list seen one?  (or were you the person who bought it on ebay?
:-) ... you can tell me privately and I'll keep the secret!)
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