Intel 80286 "DCU" Multibus system

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Hi Jules,

Intel 310 systems were pretty common.  On the RMX side they were used for 
industrial control and automation.  On the Xenix side they were business 
systems used in transaction processing and distributed computing systems.

A company called InBus purchased all of the rights for Intel's development 
and MBI/II systems and O/S's.


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> lee at wrote:
>>> Anyone know if "DCU" is meaningful
>> Data Concentrator Unit springs to mind, especially with the many ports
>> option.
> Hmm, true.
> I've made a bit of progress - apparently the system as a whole is an Intel 
> 310. Still not much google info, but I'm on my way to bitsavers in a 
> sec...
> cheers
> Jules

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