Slightly OT: Bastard plagiarists

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Wed Feb 15 07:30:17 CST 2006

Its bad enough when people steal photo's from a site, its far worse when 
they just link into your site and you get the pay the bandwidth costs so 
someone can make some money, its not so bad when its one or two auctions 
here or there...   I had a huge spike in bandwidth usage one time and 
started to investigate, I had found nearly 4 dozen Atari related 
auctions running on ebay at any given time using stolen images directly 
linking from my server, so I cut off access to the ebay and subset 
domains from accessing my site.    People on the net have gotten so used 
to the "its free, its free!" mentality of the Internet, they forget that 
somebody has to be paying these hosting and bandwidth bills someplace.


Doug Salot wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>>>  or have it
>>> give different images if the Referrer for the request is his site.
>> That would be kewl, but I would have no idea how to set that up, and I know 
>> my way around a webserver fairly well. Not a task for the "technologically 
>> lighthearted." ;-) FAQs for that anywhere? ;-)
> I recently did this myself after somebody stole some images I was using
> for an eBay listing.
> You just need a simple rewrite rule.  If you're running apache, you can
> put something like the following in an .htaccess file:
> RewriteEngine on
> rewriteCond %{HTTP_referer} ^
> rewriteRule \.*$
> -- Doug

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