Data General MV/1400 info

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Wed Feb 15 14:42:10 CST 2006

My older brother was one of the developers of AOS/VS, the OS this machine ran. I have been looking for such a machine for a long time.
The MV's are early 32bit minis. They were competitive with the PDP's and other minis of the era (1980's).
They communicate with serial terminals mostly, and the terminal is slightly odd in its protocol (Dasher terminals). A DEC terminal will get you started, but will be frustrating.
There's a lot to know about these machines and there is at least one knowledgeable person on this list who has various DG equipment (other lines are the NOVA and ECLIPSE systems). They are one of the rarer minis.
And I apologize in advance for top-posting, and for the stupid little attachment that some users will see. I'm stuck on Outlook Web Access today and it doesn't play nice.


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Saw a Data General MV/1400 machine at a client site yesterday acting as
a coffee stand!
It's about the size of a 6U rack server standing on its side, mounted on
a 'foot'.

Apart from an ON/OFF button and the name badge, the front has a QIC-type
tape drive, and next to it a blanking plate that appears to be able to
house either another QIC drive or a floppy drive. Nothing else
interesting. Unfortunately I wasn't able to peek at the back.

Google didn't yield much on this machine. Anybody know more details?


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