Anyone with an ATW800 (Transputer workstation)?

Ram Meenakshisundaram RMeenaks at
Fri Feb 17 09:32:06 CST 2006

I am VERY VERY JEALOUS!  I really wanted one myself but could never find
one :-(
So, I decided to rig my own using off the shelf transputer TRAMS...

The blue book should tell you what the commands are (again on my
website).  Did you download the latest version of Helios?   Also, the
set of commands can be found by looking at:

You should be able to terminate the system from the server that is


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> > Forgot to mention that this is basically a problem with the 
> host.con 
> > file.  If you go to the links I provided, it will tell you how to 
> > change it to work off of the regular monitor.  I suspect it is 
> > configured to run X instead.  You can use a regular RGB to 
> VGA adapter 
> > which is what most people do.
> Thanks for the helpfull hints.
> I "hot wired" an adapter for a DB-15 to a LCD panel which 
> does RGB with sync on green, and the system came up perfectly 
> (Nice screen full of Atari logos in the startup).
> Couldn't find a SHUTDOWN or HALTSYS command ('STOP' produces 
> the encouraging message 'So far unimplimented') ... but 
> entering ^D to the X-console causes a flurry of disk activity 
> terminating with what "could be the sound of a head park"... 
> and returns control to the Mega/GEM desktop on the Atari 
> monitor - is this the correct procedure to shut down Helios?
> Very cool system!
> Regards,
> Dave
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