MSCP SCSI cdrom behavior

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Fri Feb 17 12:07:48 CST 2006

On my UC07, you can define the drive as removable.  I really don't know what
this does.  I'll have to try it.  I was going to install a CD-ROM on my
PDP11 anyway. 

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> Greeting,
>   May I ask how an MSCP SCSI controller behaves when a CDROM 
> drive is connected to it? When there is no CD in the drive, 
> what does "show dev" console command show? Can I take out the 
> CD when an OS is running? Can I take out the CD after I 
> unmount it from the file system?
>   My controller treats a CDROM drive as a read-only HD now. 
> Please let me know how other controllers deal with the CDROM 
> drive. Thank you.
> vax, 9000

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