do floppy drives need a switching p/s?

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Fri Feb 17 05:27:52 CST 2006

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>I'm guessing so. Am wondering if the 1.67 amp 24 vdc
>regulated wall warts from BGMicro are sufficient to
>power an 8" floppy drive (NEC FD1165-A). Needs 24 vdc
>@ 18 watts. Would love to devise a circuit to get the
>5 vdc (@ 5 watts) off the same brick, but that may be
>asking too much ;).

24v 18W is .75 A, well within the stated specs.

5v 5W is 1A, so a liniar regulator would overload the wart, besides
needing to dissipate 19W.

A switching regulator should have no problem doing the 24v to 5v 1A
conversion. has some lower current

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