Sound Blaster PCI + DOS?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Feb 21 13:07:39 CST 2006

Bryan Pope wrote:
>>> Any PCI card is probably not going to be able to support legacy DMA type
>>> transfers, but siimple SB port 220H I/O shouldn't be a problem with PCI
>> It's not, but without DMA the cards are nearly useless.  It limits them 
>> to FM/MIDI synth output only.  No digitized sound output whatsoever.
> Waaahh!! :(  Well, I am glad I asked here before I started pulling my 
> hair out trying to get a PCI SB to work under DOS. :)

I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm saying it doesn't work well.  Try it 
and first try a game that has Adlib sound only, see how it plays.  Then 
try digital.

A good litmus test is Doom (shareware is fine).  If the Adlib/FM music 
and digital sound effects are going at the same time, and you don't hear 
any cracking/popping/looping in the digital sound (which would indicate 
a problem with auto-init DMA), then you're golden.  Any problems you 
have after that point you can blame on the game :-)
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