Perq Boot disks

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Feb 21 13:22:09 CST 2006

> I have a Perq 2 which will not boot from it's hard drive. I don't know
> which OS is installed on it either. If I send out some floppies can
> anyone copy a boot/maintenance disk for POS and MPOS

I beleive some of the disks are on Bitsavers in some documented format, 
but how you get them onto 8" floppies is a (very minor) problem...

Alas my 'work PERQ' is down at the moment with keyboard problems that 
I've still not got round to sorting out. I know exactly what the problem 
is (Keytronix foam disks have decayed), I've just got to do something 
about it.

Anyway, what does the DDS do on yoyr PERQ at power-on. It's possible the 
fault is not a corrupted hard disk. And which hard disk do you have (a 
2T1 would have a Micropolis 1200 8" drive, a 2T2 (or a 2T4, but I don't  
think you'll have one of those!) has a 5.25" ST412-interfaced drive).


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