bogus auction for Altair system on eBay

jim stephens james.w.stephens at
Wed Feb 22 21:11:13 CST 2006

I know what I am talking about when I speak of idiots here.  I am talking
ones who have > 50 or more auctions, and have done it on other auctions.

If you want to buy something, put in a reasonably large bid and take it.
someone enters a large number $10 bids on an auction that eventually closes
at 150 or so, they are either trying to run up your bill or are in cahouts
with the

I excuse 0 feedback people and so forth, and have actually had very little
problem with them, and never in this way.

When an item that should go for $40 or so sets around with your maximum
bid of say $200, and after a couple of days someone comes in and runs it
to $150, the only one who can possibly be happy is the vendor.  I'm not
because the person ran up my bill, and the person is not because I got
the item.

So I stand on my calling those sorts idiots.  I used that term to keep
this nearer to a family readable format.


On 2/22/06, Computer Collector Newsletter <news at>
> >>>>  due to idiots who bid up auctions needlessly with small increments
> Just because someone is a novice user or and unaware of sniping doesn't
> make
> them an idiot.

The sniping is not the problem, It's my solution.  I hate that I can't put a
in on something when I find it and find the above happened

Plenty of normal and educated people who aren't technical like us understand
> "auction" to be "you bid this, than I bid that plus a little more, and we
> go
> back and forth until someone stops bidding."

the bids that were put in were over a short period and were small increments
that were never answered by another bidder, only my reserve.  that made me
very unhappy.

Your statement is just another example of why we nerds are often considered
> rude and socially clueless -- saying things like "you don't know how to do
> it, so you must be an idiot."

not my point at all, sorry if you took it to be so.

Jim, I know you and I know you are not an idiot (plus I'm not a fan of
> name-calling), but that * statement * was pretty idiotic.  :)
> ok, but I stand by the example.  I didn't intend for this to take up so
many words to make my point, and apologize for my lack of being
able to express what I meant the first time and with less verbage.


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