MS-DOS 2.0 and "semi compatibles"

Kelly Leavitt CCTalk at
Thu Feb 23 20:08:02 CST 2006

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> On 2/23/2006 at 8:26 PM Kelly Leavitt wrote:
> >Well, there are 8 or 10 programs on the disk in question. 
> Shouldn't MZ
> then
> >show up 8 or 10 times. If I find a good hex editor I can read the DIR
> >structure and figure out where the files start and see what is there.
> No--not in the case of .com files, which are just memory 
> images ORG-ed at
> offset 100 in the PSP.  No structure at all.
> For a useful hex/ASCII file browser, Vern Buerg's LIST is 
> hard to beat--and
> you don't need windows for it.


I LOVE list, just haven't used it in a LONG time.

Of course, now I need to add a TCP/IP stack to my disk imaging machine.
Disks are getting tiresome, and rebooting to Linux when I have the images,
or need something from the net is bothersome.

Time to dig up the WFW disks...

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