Stupid eBay user du jor

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Feb 25 13:33:13 CST 2006

> Advertisement # 5869045519
> The title is "1st Palm Computer" ... the item is a Psion Organiser II.
> I understand that no one will dig like I have about the history of handhelds
> ... but geez, the only research this doofus had to do is to read the big
> letters on the cover of the instruction manual ... Where it says "II" as in
> "not the first."  :)

Nitpicks...(I know none of these apply to the machine in question, but...)

1) The -I and -II might have come out at the same time and differ in, 
say, memory size only

2) The -I might not have been a palmtop computer. it might have been a 
desktop or something.

Anyway,  I've learnt over the years to not trust anything an E-bay seller 
says in a description, other than the model number (most of the time!). 
Certainly not things like 'rare', 'first', etc. :-)

> I kindly pointed this out in a message to the seller (sans the "doofus"
> part.)  The seller's reply tonight was "Get a life!!"

I see. So it's OK to misrepreset products now, is it?


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