Stupid eBay user du jor

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Sat Feb 25 16:15:14 CST 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
>> To me it's not about being geeky, it's about maintaining a few 
>> rudimentary standards and doing some *very basic* research before 
>> selling something. Doesn't seem like too much to ask or expect of a 
>> seller, and is irrespective of whatever it is that's being sold.
> Even if the seller is not a collector and knows nothing about what he's 
> selling?

Yep, even then. They should take a little bit of pride in their work, and also 
  do the rest of us the common courtesy of first checking anything that they 
present as fact.

If the former isn't possible, there's absolutely nothing wrong with listing an 
item and admitting that they know nothing about it! If the seller knows 
nothing about the item, there's no reason for not just saying so...



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