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> >> are these at this point in time still any good for
> >> procuring puter gear of a vintage nature?
>   Hell Yes!  I passed up three Amigas with the video toasters just two
> weeks ago at the Orlando Hamfest. I think the guy would have given them to
> anyone that would take them. Hunting at hamfests are just like hunting
> anywhere else: Go often, Go early and look hard and you'll find the stuff.
> Also talk to people about what you're looking for and you'll frequently
> find someone that has an old computer that they've been saving becasue
> stnd the thought of throwing it away and they're just looking for someone
> that will take it and preserve it. I found a Sage with all the manuals and
> SW that way last fall.  I've NEVER left a hamfest empty handed!
>     Joe

Do you already have a video toaster or just no interest in Amiga gear? I
would love a toaster for my A2000 but have yet to see any in my area at a
reasonable price (Ohio).

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