US Robotics PC?

Bob Bradlee Bob at BRADLEE.ORG
Thu Feb 23 17:12:25 CST 2006

Back in the late 70's the guy who started US robotics was building modem kits and systems
with a guy names Terry who had a computer shop Midwest Micro Computer in lombard Il.
It was second only to Itty Bitty Machine Company just off the Northwestern campus in Evenston 
as the first computer store in the Chicago area.  Terry wanted me to help him fix a bunch of 
modem kits that were being solid the US Robotics name, I was shocked at the choice of name,
and was told he went out of his way to secure the name and trademark, that was why we had to
fix the kits he could not get working ASAP.  Wish I could think of Terry's last name 
That one will bug me a while :(
Any Old time Windy City hackers remember Terry ?

Here is one for the crowd, Does any one else at the founding meeting of the
Chicago Computer Society met for the first time at Devry and Ward C of 
CBBS and Modem1 through 7 fame asked everyone to stand up and sit down 
in response to what universal question ?

BTW: the computer you are thinking about was z-80 ran cpm and wordstar and
an early spread sheet and a hack of what became eventually Xmodem because
that was about all there was then. I think the printer was the first used of the epxon FX80
not to be confused with the MX80 that came along a few years later. The FX printer
was very popular in early Point of Sale systems.

Thanks for bringing up a fresh batch of old memories.

Bob Bradlee 

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 14:08:21 -0800, Chuck Guzis wrote:

>This was back, oh, in about 1978.  I was at one of the trade shows (don't
>remember which one) and there was a fellow with a computer with integrated
>monitor, disk drives and a printer (sticking out of the top) in a fairly
>large black box--probably Z80, but I can't be sure.

>I remember that it was USR because of the unusual name of the company.  Has
>anyone else ever seen one of these beasts?


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