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Mon Jan 2 17:02:17 CST 2006

woodelf wrote:
> 3) Digital CD Audio has too low a sampling rate 

Incorrect.  Unless you have magic ears that can pick out a 22KHz tone 
from a 21Khz tone, don't say the sampling rate is too low.  That's one 
of the biggest lies.   Yes, there are people who say that the inaudible 
frequencies carry vibration that affects the listening experience, but 
that's another load of crap I don't want to get into (and the only way 
you're going to prove to me that your speakers can even reproduce that 
is to send me a video of an 'scope showing me >22Khz output).

However, all that being said:

> and often too few bits of DAC. 

Correct.  16-bit is nice, but 24-bit is actually discernable at most 
sampling rates (ie. it actually shows up on A/B blind testing with quiet 
material).  What hurts more is that many early 1980s CDs were mastered 
with *12-bit* equipment, which is why many audiophiles from that era 
still discriminate against them (even though those problems were 
corrected across the industry by the mid 1980s, although many post 
houses still highpass at 20KHz, something I don't necessarily endorse).

48Khz @ 24-bit is the valid audible range of all humans, "golden ears" 
or not.  When I do my own work, I sample at 96KHz/24-bit and work with 
multiple tracks internally 32-bit, but that's only so that nothing is 
lost mathematically in my mixing.  My end delivery output is still 

> but dirt is the bane of them. Once you get real sampling rates and good 
> DAC's output then Digital
> is better, but can one get the less mainstream music nowdays on CD.  

DVD-Audio has such technology; so much so that traditionally analog-only 
  artists like Neil Young and the prog rock group Rush are embracing the 
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