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woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Jan 2 23:38:27 CST 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> I must confess, these days I'm biased, my spare change is far more 
> likely to go towards the increasing record collection than it is to go 
> towards Classic Computers, and for the past several months I've been 
> trying to figure out if I should buy a Tube-based Amp, or build one.  
> Oh, and I'm listening to an LP as I type this :^)
Well I find if you have any electronics skill, build your own as you can 
save a bundle or get what you want.
The amp I built 50% of is on Transformers, 50% for tubes and the other 
50% is on the small parts, and 50%
for shipping and handeling world wide.  If  I paid  non DIY prices my 
amp is a $1500 US and Matching Speakers
$1500 ... for DIY  I guess it was about $300 for the speakers and $800 
for the amp. Note since you have LP's
you may need a pre-amp and that is about $600 Us ... $200 for DIY.  
Expect other than tube changes well built
 tube amps have lasted like old computers. The one thing I recomend is a 
regulated power supply, every thing
else is your budget and your bronze, silver or golden ears.

>         Zane

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