relay logic

Vince Mulhollon vlm at
Mon Jan 2 11:49:21 CST 2006

Anyone have intermediate to advanced level advice on relay logic?

When I was a kid, each relay would cost about one hour of labor, a cheap
bench linear supply could only handle about 10 active relays, and fanout
ratios were maybe only 5 to 1.

Now according to my latest Mouser catalog, each relay will cost me about
two minutes of labor, a cheap switching power supply will run hundreds of
relays, and I can easily get a 10 to 1 fanout even with cheapie relays.

I'm quite well aware of how to make basic gates, FF, counters etc out of
relays but I'm curious about anyone elses experiences.  I can contemplate 
all kinds of weird problems like mechanical shock from so many relays 
clicking at once, or the relay equivalent of contact bounce, but I don't
know if they're real problems.  Then there's mounting issues.

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