DEC 874-A Power Conditioner

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at
Wed Jan 4 01:22:55 CST 2006

Hi Richard,
I have one 11/03, but AFAIK (I'm at work now) there is no switch
on the front panel of the 03 to control on/off. However, if your
11/03 is mounted in a (small) rack you can add a simple plate
with an on/off switch. Any small switch will be fine, because
you switch approx. 20 VDC, not 230 VAC (or 115 VAC).
All the power bus connectors have 3 pins, and they are all wired
in parallel. IIRC, the middle pin is the return-GND, and when
looking at the plug-in side of the socket on the power controller,
the left one is power-on.
A simple test will confirm this. Just set the small switch to
"remote" and the short-circuit the 2 left-most pins.
If the main relay "bangs" in you got the correct 2 pins :-)
Wire the 2 pins to the small switch at the front side and you
have made the remote turn-of/off option :-)

- Henk.

> Hey!  This is sounding familiar!  My 11/03 has an 861 power 
> controller on it and I have the three-position toggle switch 
> as well.  Thanks for explaining what those settings are!  I 
> had no idea what this meant when I first got the machine, but 
> I had the switch set to "local on"
> and then the unit would power up.
> However, this idea that there's a way to powerup from the 
> front panel on an 11/03 intrigues me!  Unfortunately I see no 
> obvious button that powers up the machine.  Is this possible 
> with an 861 and if there is not existing switch, what would 
> you add to enable this feature?
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