Recommended logic analyzer/scope tools? (was: RL02 write faults, fixed it! Another cable mistake)

Don North ak6dn at
Fri Jan 6 17:32:29 CST 2006

FYI, if you have one of these best to visit the following page:


    TDS 210 and TDS 220 Recall

In June 1998, Tektronix began the recall of its model TDS 210 and TDS 
220 oscilloscopes. We initiated this voluntary program when it was 
determined that certain incorrect use of these products could cause the 
ground connection to fail, potentially exposing the user to risk of 
serious personal injury or death.

This ongoing recall applies to TDS 210 and TDS 220 oscilloscopes with 
serial numbers falling within one of the following ranges:

        TDS 210:*  B010100 *to *B049399  **BU10000 *to *BU50199 
        **C010000 *to *C010879 *

        TDS 220:*   B010100 *to *B041059  **BU10000 *to *BU50199 
        **C010000 *to *C011174 *

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> At 1:53 PM -0700 1/6/06, Richard wrote:
>> So what would y'all recommend for logic analyzer/oscilloscope type
>> tools that are useful for vintage computing (i.e. their max
>> bandwidth/speed can be slower than needed for current tech) that are
>> also affordable?
>> I know Tektronix and HP are major manufacturers in this area, but I
>> would know what to get.  *Lots* of these items go up for auction via
>> government liquidation at the local Hill AFB, so if I know what I'm
>> looking for I should be able to eventually get something by low-bidding.
>> Suggestions?
> I rather like my Tektronix TDS-220 Oscilloscope, small and very easy 
> to use.  I also had a Tek 465B, but gave it away as it wasn't working 
> right, and I needed the space.  Of the two, the TDS-220 was definitely 
> nicer.  IIRC, it was also Tek's recommended replacement for a 465B.  I 
> purchased the 465B used and cheap, I got what I paid for, a scope that 
> didn't work right :^(  As a result, I purchased the TDS-220 new, of 
> course it helped that at the time I could afford it.
> In any case, I always recommend Tek scopes :^)
>         Zane

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