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At 1:20 PM +0000 1/7/06, Philip Pemberton wrote:
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>  > 1) A multimeter. Digital or analogue, the choice is yours (I have, and
>>  use, both). It is rare to need to make accurate measurements in classic
>>  computer work, so analogue is OK, and in fact better when you want to
>>  'peak' the voltage at some test point or something like that. If you go
>>  digital, I would certainly consider a Fluke.
>Avoid the cheap little "pocket" meters though. If it isn't a Fluke, it's
>likely to be horrendously inaccurate at best. I once had a cheapie DMM that
>was about 1.5V out on the 3V scale, and 5V out on the 30V scale.
>Fluke 25 and 27 ruggedised DMMs are starting to appear on the surplus market;
>seems most of them are ex-military stock. They're pretty rugged, but also
>rather heavy. I've got a Fluke 25 that's been dropped a fair few times, and
>still works perfectly.

Count me as another Fluke fan, I started with the Fluke 77 in the 
Navy, and as a result bought a Fluke 77 III.  It's the one piece of 
test equipment that I use the most.

I'm not sure where Richard lives, but anyone looking into 
Oscilloscopes or meters that lives close to a Fry's might want to 
consider checking them out.  They're where I got my Fluke 77 III and 
Tek TDS-220 from, and at least the one near me seems to always have a 
good selection.

Something else I added to my assortment of test equipment in the last 
year or so was something I've always wanted, though I have to 
question my need for it, and that's a clamp-on Amp meter.

The next pieces of test equipment I'm likely to be looking at will be 
a Variac and a Oscillator.


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