New 11/24, what to do first?

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Sat Jan 7 12:32:09 CST 2006

"General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts" <cctalk at> schrieb am 07.01.06 18:37:57:
> Now that my 11-23+ ("George" :) seems to be happy, it's time to
> start playing with the other new acquisition, an 11/24. Maybe that
> one will be "Elvis".
> It's got quite a lot of cards inside, but I haven't inventoried
> them yet (this afternoon's task). Obviously I need to find out
> exactly what it's populated with, and look for a user's guide and
> technical manual on bitsavers.
> Keeping in mind that I know nothing about this machine yet, what
> should I do as a "quick start"? I have powered it up and the fans
> and power-ok lights come on, so that's a good beginning.

Charles, please try to avoid powering up machines you got if you don't
know their (working) condition.
Contacts or loosen screws can fly through the BA-box in case of your 11/24
 during transport and can provoke short circuits while powering up.
Always inspect your machine carefully, watch out for loosen parts and check
the configuration of your system BEFORE aplying power to it.
Otherwise, parts can be damaged even without your knowledge. Parts, you'll have 
difficulties to find replacements for later on.


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