Andy Holt andyh at andyh-rayleigh.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 15:45:45 CST 2006

> It's amazing how quickly and completely the ICL stuff vanished, after all
> there were quite a number of them - they were virtually compulsory in
> local government, which is why we had one.
Unfortunately, when we scrapped out two 1905Es to install the Honeywell
Level 66*, all the software tapes were thrown away.
Particularly galling now is that these included source tapes for George (I &
II) and Maximop;
plus Exec tapes (E6RM) with listings also GIN5 and various engineers
Many of us, however, kept manuals as souvenirs and so the only real regrets
about missing ones there are the Programmers Reference Manual (only a
photocopy, anyhow, but not easy to acquire) and most of the engineering
documents (we had our own engineers ... and even did our own Exec mods - and
even a couple of minor hardware mods).

* oddly enough, it seems even harder to find anything related to GCOS 3 than
the 1900.

** Application programmer thought PLAN was the assembler for the 1900;
   Systems programmers (thought they) knew that the real assembler was GIN5;
   The Engineers and Exec maintainers, however, had about 3 different
     (and extremely crude***) assemblers ... one was #NSBL, cannot remeber
the name of the others

*** so crude, in fact, that they used numeric (octal) opcodes rather than
nmemonics - but then
   those were more meaningful to the people who probably knew the microcode
by heart :-)


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