ImageDisk under Win2k

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Tue Jan 10 08:27:37 CST 2006

> >I have not tried it (don't have FD installed anywhere), however I don't see why
> >it would not - as long as FD leaves the FDC alone when it's not accessing it it
> >should be OK (I access the FDC by direct manipulation - the only DOS
> >functions I use specifically relating to the FDC are get/set the interrupt 
> vector,
> >and the only BIOS function I use is "reset disk system" which I do just before
> >I exit).
> Hi Dave
>  How do you deal with DMA? On my code I needed to setup the
> DMA controller as well.

Yes, I setup the DMA as well. 

By "access the FDC by direct manipulation", I mean that I control the
FDC proper (765 compatible) as well as the Interrupt collers and DMA
chips by talking to them "directly" (gotta love real mode).


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