Slightly OT: Bastard plagiarists

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Jan 12 13:24:32 CST 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:
> 'Computer Collector Newsletter' wrote:
>> Someone copied almost my ENTIRE pda history site onto the web forum at
>> ... Does anyone know what the deal is with this
>> "" site anyway?  The thief who stole my work even
>> included the hyperlinks but they don't work.  The site includes a web 
>> form
>> for contacting them so I sent a not-so-nice message, but I'm not 
>> optimistic
>> about hearing back.  Unfortunately I don't see any way to contact the 
>> user
>> who posted this.
> It is better to just forget about it at this point.  Why?  Because:

   Except that his domain registrar is *very* likely to take action if 
Evan's site contains copyrighted material and he complains to the 
registrar directly.  Minimal effort, maximal return.

> 1. There's no question the work is yours
> 2. He doesn't care, and won't ever care
> 3. In my experience, people who meet the criteria of #2 are gone in 2 
> years, so the problem corrects itself.

   And here's a perfect chance to participate in his Darwination.


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