Pertec interface

Richard legalize at
Thu Jan 12 15:29:07 CST 2006

OK, so I found the Pertec stuff on bitsavers, but I haven't read
through their docs yet.

I purchased a Fujitsu 2444 tape drive that has a Pertec interface.
($0.99 on ebay with local pickup!)  Apparently all the newer tape
drives have Pertec + SCSI or just SCSI.

Is Pertec similar enough to SCSI that I could rig up a dongle?

If not, how hard is it to find a Pertec interface for:

    - VAXserver 4000
    - PDP-11 Q-bus
    - Sun 3 w/expansion chassis
    - PCI/ISA

So that I could get the drive into a usable state?

I found a place that had Pertec interfaces for ISA based systems, but
it would not work with Windows 2000 or later OS, the cards were out of
stock and were pretty pricey (like $500+).

So what would y'all recommend as the easiest/cheapest way to get this
baby up and running?

Also -- the power cord has a non-standard 3-prong plug.  I'll try to
get photos of this up somewhere for reference, but perhaps someone
knows the kind of cord this thing needs so I can know what to look

Fujitsu M244X Streaming Tape Drive Customer Engineering Manual

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