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> Pertec isn't even remotely close to SCSI; your best bet is to find an
> interface card.
> Personally, I'd love to find a reasonably-priced protocol converter (Pertec
> to SCSI).

I wonder how hard it would be to kludge this up in an FPGA?  I saw
such Pertec->SCSI dongles for sale, but again they were multiple
hundreds of dollars.

> Can't help on the power cord--mine had one already.

OK, I found a diagram and parts number in the M244X PDF:

Most power cords are a rectangle with a triangular hat and this one was
a round plug, with what looks like a screw-on ring for strain relief.
Is this something fairly standard that I could find?

I mean, its just a power cord.  I can always strip the standard
connector of a standard cord and solder it into the inside of the
unit, but it would be nice to have a cord that just plugged into it.
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