KM11 replica

Brad Parker brad at
Fri Jan 13 21:45:21 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
>I also wonder if I should be quite so free with advice and designs in the 

Tony - I respect you immensely and highly value your opinion, but in this
case I think you should be flattered, not upset.

We're all just trying to keep our old pdp's alive, right?  no money to
made here.  no fame to be had.

It's wrong of me to tell you (or anyone) how to feel, but I'm glad someone
made these pcbs.   We need more of this sort of thing, not less.

I separate designs into those with real proprietary work which I hope to
make money off and those which I do for love (or obsession :-).   This
one seems like one done for love (or obsession).

I hope you keep giving out designs - it's a good thing. (and thanks!)


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