AC power on front panels

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Sat Jan 14 19:14:06 CST 2006

> Another piece of bad design is the bare metal fuse
> clip that is so close to the edge of the power supply
> PC board that I would be concerned about the possibility
> of contact with the case cover, e.g., if the case was
> sufficiently deformed.

A good solution to this, that was told to me by a man who
assembled new IMSAIs "back in the day", is to use the bottom
3/4 inch of a Tic-Tac candy box.  You get the fuse covered
in plastic but can still see it.  It fits tight and will stay
in place.  He did this on all of the units he built (and he
said he built a lot), so if you happen to come across a unit
set up like that, he may well have built it.

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