Fluke Re: dangerous voltages inside

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jan 16 11:05:58 CST 2006

At 01:58 AM 1/14/06 -0500, Scott wrote:

>Does anybody else here appreciate old Fluke gear? 

   I do. Some of it is VERY good. FWIW a lot of old Fluke Nixie tube meters
have been showing up around here lately. I've been grabbing them for the
Nixie tube stuff.

 My newest
>piece is an 8060 DMM, which is late-70's 4-1/2 digit meter.  What
>I really like are the Fluke Differential voltmeters.  I currently
>have a nice 881AB.  The John Fluke Company made their name with
>Differential Voltmeters and high-end lab-grade meters.  (I'm
>biased against anything in a Fluke DMM without a 4-digit model
>no., the 8060 is the best handheld they ever made, the newer
>'autorange' lines have always been a disappointment to me.)

   I have a Fluke model 87 DMM that I use constantly. I recently bought a
HP LogicDart but I've hardly touched it. I use the 87 when I need a meter
and a HP 54510 DSO when I need a scope. (I bought the scope out of a
non-working junk pile and fixed it and I love the thing.)


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