Old computer magazines

Martin Scott Goldberg wgungfu at csd.uwm.edu
Sun Jan 15 15:40:56 CST 2006

Hi Shannon, I'm interested in them if no one else responded.


>Hey all,
>    I normally lurk and enjoy reading about every body elses adventures 
>in classic computing. Well, I'm in a little bit of a space squeeze, and 
>being that my wife dosen't like keeping magazines around nor dose she 
>apreciate 8 bit computer stuff, looks like I have a whole bunch of 
>Compute, Computes Gazette, Commodore, Amiga World and other 
>miscellanious magazines to get rid of. A bunch of them were collected in 
>my youth when I didn't know how to properly care for magazines so they 
>are dog eared and some have torn or missing covers. I kind of feel that 
>it's the content that makes them worth keeping. Any one interested? I'd 
>have to charge shipping and a little extra for packaging. Not sure how 
>much that would be. If your interested drop me a line and I'll check 
>into what exactly I have.

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