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            I received an interesting message from Forrest Mims today so I
thought I'd pass it on:





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Dear Rich,


Great web site. Glad to see what you are doing.


Regarding the date MITS was founded, our first meeting was in Ed Robert's
kitchen at 4809 Palo Duro, NE, in Albuquerque shortly after my first article
on a model rocket light flasher was published in the September 1969 issue of


Our first product was the TLF-1 model rocket light flasher, which was based
on my design.


We incorporated in January 1970, each of us providing a $100 check for
startup funds. My check was written in the lawyer's office. It is dated "16
Jan 1970."


Ed may have said we began in 1968 because he had founded Reliance
Engineering earlier. We had been talking about starting a company in 1968,
also, but did not have a reasonable product idea until my 1969 light


I'm sending these details because of the interest in the history of MITS and
a forthcoming museum exhibit in Albuquerque that will cover the history of
the PC. Please feel free to use any of this if you like.


And best wishes for your web site.


Best regards,


Forrest M. Mims III <>



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