Sort of OT; new eBay phish

Bryan Pope bpope at
Wed Jan 18 08:18:00 CST 2006

> I stick with ancient e-mail software that doesn't let ne click on links. 
> That doesn't attempt to decode/dsipaly html. And which certaily doesn't 
> run executable programs (in any language). 
> I am less likely to get caught by something like this because I will spot 
> that the link doesn't go to or wherever, but goes to some 
> totally unknown site. At which point I am pretty sure it's fraudulent

I use elm for my work email which does the same as you describe.  For 
personal email I use Thunderbird which will show the full link when 
your mouse pointer hovers over it.  (Plus you can also turn off 
automatic picture get from the internet)



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