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On Wednesday 18 January 2006 13:34, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>  >Jay West wrote:
> >
> > I was wondering if somone knew the answer to this... is BATCH
> > supported on RT11 that is running TSX+? I know it's supported on RT11,
> > but I thought I saw somewhere that once you loaded TSX+ that you
> > couldn't run BATCH because of some conflict. Anyone know the straight
> > scoop on this?
> Jerome Fine replies:
> Under RT-11, BATCH is supported via the BA(X).SYS
> device driver, as well as other hooks in the operating
> system.
> When TSX-PLUS is run, the Resident Monitor (RT11XM)
> is completely replaced along with the Keyboard (KMON)
> and the User Service Routine (USR).  There are also
> minor changes to some of the device drivers.  Most
> of the utility programs run as is without change.

Yes - except that SETSIZ.COM is run (executing SETSIZ.SAV) as part of the 
install process, and modifies the RT utility binaries to include the actual 
amount of memory required for them to run under TSX+. (BTW, the utilities 
work fine with RT-11 after the "patch").

> Since there is no BA.TSX device driver, you can't
> run BATCH under TSX-PLUS.  Part of the reason may
> be that SL: (the RT-11 Single Line Editor - similar
> to some of the stuff done by DOSKEY in DOS) is built
> into TSX-PLUS rather than being a separate device
> driver as in RT-11 which uses SL(X).SYS to perform
> the functions.  Since SL: and BA: can't run at the
> same time in RT-11 and since SL: seems to be built
> into TSX-PLUS, perhaps that is part of the reason
> that BATCH is not supported .

SL can be removed from TSX as part of the install (TSGEN) process. However, as 
you stated, a BA.TSX is not present and therefore "batch" is not even "seen" 
by TSX+.

The System Manager's Guide says "The following RT-11 device handlers are 
unsupported under TSX-Plus: BA (resident batch handler), EL (error logging 
pseudohandler), and PD (PDT-11/130/150 handler). The ethernet drivers, NC, 
NQ, and NU are not supported. Also the IBSRQ function of the GPIB IEEE IB 
handler is unsupported."

> However, I doubt if 
> anyone knows the internals of both RT-11 and TSX-PLUS
> sufficiently to comment.

That is almost correct ;-)

I've been spending a fair amount of energy studying the internals based on the 
TSX-Plus "Programmers Reference Manual", "System Manager's Guide" and the 
"User's Reference Manual". I've also been asking a LOT of questions on the OS 
from the person who architected TSX and ran the company who developed and 
sold the product. I figure that when I release TSX-Plus, I'll essentially be 
as close to "tech support" as we can have for a while - along with all the 
folks who have been playing with licensed versions of the software for years.

Even though almost all of the source code was lost (I found some scattered 
pieces on the development Fujitsu 2312 drive). I did pay do have all of the 
TSX-Plus listings (4 boxes worth!) shipped to me here in California. I passed 
them on to Al Kossow ( so he could scan them and make them 
available to the world (I have permission from the owner to do so). So at 
some point we'll all have all of the "internals" :-)

In the meantime, the TSX-Plus manuals do describe in detail how to modify 
DEC's handlers for operation under TSX-Plus - and a fair amount of detail on 
TSX-Plus internals. The more I study, the more I'm impressed with this OS!!!

> Does this information provide enough of an answer?
> The answer Lyle suggested provides an alternative.
> A command file can be used to run the job, but
> the results might not be quite the same.  On the
> other hand, once BATCH is running under RT-11,
> can you use the background job?  Since I don't
> use BATCH myself (anything I want done I am not
> able to continue with anything else, so a command
> file is sufficient), please let me know if KMON
> is still available to the user?  If only system
> jobs can still be run, that is not very useful.

Since detached jobs, spooling and indirect command files are available under 
TSX-Plus, my guess is that anything you could do with Batch under RT would be 
"doable" under TSX-Plus (with some modification to the batch file).


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> Jerome Fine

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