cctech Digest, Vol 29, Issue 43

Terry King terry at
Thu Jan 19 14:23:20 CST 2006

At 12:01 PM 1/19/2006 -0600, you wrote:
>Subject: deformatting floppies
>I would have thought it best to take a magnet to a hd
>disk before popping in a 720k drive to be formatted,
>but it seems to not have any (or much) effect. Even
>using a chunky rare earth magnet! Can someone explain?

NOT a good idea: using a PERMANENT magnet.  Could leave permanent magnetism 
on the HEADS.  I have been successful using a "bulk tape eraser" from Radio 
Shack.. The kind useable on tape cassettes would be OK..  Move the disk 
around a few times in contact with the eraser, then turn at right angles 
and SLOWLY draw it away.  Think slowly decreasing sine wave.  This should 
demagnetize the disk well, and MOST disks that give "Bad Media or Track 
Zero" can be formatted.

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