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Sat Jan 21 10:02:11 CST 2006

On 20/01/2006, at 3:57 PM, der Mouse wrote:

> I have an HP LaserJet IIISi.  It's mostly Just Worked for me (though
> there was one mildly spectacular incident involving a failed
> electrolytic a while back).  But recently (the last month or so), it's
> been exhibiting odd streakiness.  Given the amount of collected wisdom
> here regarding such things, I thought it would be a reasonable  
> place to
> ask to see if anyone can tip me off what's up with it and how I might
> be able to fix it.
> Specifically....
> After leaving the printer off for a long period (a weekend, say), upon
> turning it on and printing, the first page is fine.  The second page
> exhibits a few grey vertical streaks, worse towards the bottom of the
> page - not clean vertical lines; it looks as though toner is getting
> into the paper path where it shouldn't, and rubbing off on the page
> before it hits the fuser.  Printing more pages works fine, but they  
> get
> worse and worse.  I've never had the streaks get so dark that I can't
> read printing for them, but the printing definitely becomes
> black-on-grey instead of black-on-white.
> Letting the printer sit will improve matters somewhat, but only
> somewhat; recently, I've even had the first page come out with some
> streakiness.

I had exactly the same problems with my 5M and after doing almost  
everything I could think of I finally read the manual (please don't  
quote me here :-). Turned out this symptom is most commonly fixed by  
replacing the toner cartridge which (perhaps not so surprisingly)  
fixed the problem.

Completely OT comment. Currently in Nashua NH for work. I survived  
the trip but it appears the hard drive in my work laptop didn't.  
Everyone laughs at me for carrying two laptops (work and mine) but  
the Powerbook is currently being used to copy all my work data and  
once that's finished it's off to a computer shop for a portable USB  
drive case, new hard drive and a day spent doing backup/restore  
rather than sightseeing :-(

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